All you need is a Pin!

After doing a ton of activities with your class, it is possible that you still try to come up with something new but you just cannot think of an innovative exercise to try with your group. One day, one of my friend showed me a website which mostly looked like a fashion or design website (In brief, mostly girl stuff!). But when I looked at the different topics more in-depth, I found some educational stuff which was very interesting!

Pinterest is a website which is based on boards and pins. It is basically a huge collection of boards as all members can skim through existing boards to pin what they like on their own boards. It is also possible to add your own stuff and people who like what you created can pin it on their boards. Because of this simple principle, Pinterest is constantly receiving new pins with new sources of inspiration. Moreover, when clicking on a pin, you are instantly redirected to the original source where the idea comes from so there is the possibility to get tons of website linked with the topic you are looking for.


For teachers, Pinterest can be extremely useful as it provides a massive amount of ideas for new exercises and activities to do with students. Of course, among themselves, teachers can use Pinterest to share class plans and innovative ideas for activities. On this website, an impressive list of 37 ways teachers should use Pinterest separated in 4 main categories: Inspiration, lessons, professional and fun.

Directly in the classroom, Pinterest can be used to have students create boards with all their works and assignment in it. This way, a teacher could easily create an account with one board for each student so it would be a great way to gather all students’ work on one page. Indeed, Steve Spangler┬ásays that Pinterest can be very useful to set up boards for projects. When students make a research about a specific topic, they can put all their sources and ideas on one board named after their project to keep all their stuff together and therefore, avoid getting lost in their material. Moreover,Teachbytes┬ámade a list of 10 good ways to use Pinterest in the classroom. From research boards including all students to classroom music board, the list covers many aspects to make your teaching even more interesting for students.

In my opinion, Pinterest can be an awesome tool to use in the classroom, or at least outside of classes to prepare them and get innovative ideas for activities. I encourage all teachers to go ahead and share their ideas on their boards so other teachers can benefit from their ideas. If all teachers share their best ideas for teaching and class organization, we can definitely be better people for our students!