Mind mapping made easy!

Popplet is a great tool for visual thinking, mind mapping or brainstorming. . It is extremely easy to use, thanks to its short and sweet “try it out” section. Only a few minutes are needed in order to be aware of all functions that can be used while creating a new Popplet. Indeed, only nine steps are required in order to go through all possible actions such as adding images and videos, changing size and color of the boxes and creating links between them. Five Popplets can be owned at a time with the free version but you can be a collaborator in as many Popplets as you wish.

In the classroom, Popplet can easily be used for team work. As Mark Brumley says, Popplet can be used for group researches to help students share their ideas with teammates at home or in class. It can also be used to gather ideas when writing a paper or starting a written activity. From a student’s point of view, Popplet can be a very useful tool for group work as it can easily be shared with anyone who has a Popplet account. Moreover, it is possible to work simultaneously and add comments on each boxes if you want someone to modify something he did.

As a teacher, Popplet can become very useful if well used. By using Popplet instead of a casual Powerpoint, students will definitely pay more attention as they are introduced to a new tool. Indeed, Popplet can be used as a presentation tool. The teacher can put his Popplet on the screen and navigate through all the boxes and watch videos and images that are included in the Popplets. In this article, the author encourages the use of Popplet in third to fifth grade classrooms as it does not require the writing of lengthy paragraphs. A Popplet application is even available on the Appstore so you can modify your mind maps on an iPad.

Here’s a brief description by EdShelf of Popplet’s advantages over similar applications.

Unlike similar apps, Popplet includes the following special features:

  • Boundless Boards
  • Pan and Zoom
  • Realtime Collaboration (ipad to ipad + ipad to web)
  • External VGA Display Support
  • Multi Language Support
  • PDF and JPEG Export

Video about how to use Popplet


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