Use Evernote for everything!

Sooner this year, I had to work in team with a partner. As we had to share many files and images, my teammate decided to use Evernote. As he said, Evernote is a great web tool to share documents, images, PDFs and it can also be used to record sound, capture images and take notes. After he told me this, I definitely had to go check it out to find more information about it.

When going on the website, the first sentence you see is “Remember everything”. Indeed, Evernote’s main goal is to help you keeping notes, documents and images in one place so you can actually remember everything by going on your account. With Evernote, notebooks can be created to keep everything you need in them as you can take notes within each of them.

Evernote even has special features for teachers! Moreover, multiple apps are available to make its use more complete and much easier. In this long article, Nicholas Provenzano describes how Evernote can be used in order to keep class notes and documents on a single web page. As he explains, notebooks can be created and shared with the students so they can access their class documents and readings wherever they are through their cellphones.

For students, Evernote is a must have software as it greatly facilitates note-taking and resource management. Indeed, the possibility to scan documents with your phone and save it directly on evernote is probably the best way to make sure you will never loose any documents handed out by the teacher, homework or activity sheets. Furthermore, the traditional way to take notes on lined sheets that always end up torn, crushed or simply lost is revolutionized as notes can directly be taken in notebooks that were created for each class. That way, a student can have his or her notebook for his math class, one for his English class and one for his French class and he or she can consult these notes by simply clicking on the notebook!

Here’s a video showing a quick overview of Evernote’s features.

Here’s a longer video with more information about the great features offered by Evernote.


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