Tweet your ideas across the world

You have probably all heard about Twitter and all know how it works. However, most people think it can only be used by medias to tell the latest news, stars to convey messages or people to make drama out of nothing. After reading some articles on the subject, I found out that Twitter can be used in an incredible amount of ways in the classroom. I have to admit that I never used Twitter before as I do not have an account. The only reason I went on Twitter was to get the latest sports news. But now, I swear I will make an account right after posting this blog as there is a ton of educational stuff to help teachers be better in class.

For teachers, as Christopher Bergeron says, “Some teachers are more open to collaboration and networking. Those who value personal networks are more excited about the technology even if they are not overly tech-savvy.” Every year, more and more teachers get to share their teaching strategies and activities or projects that worked well in their class using web tools. On Twitter, there is a ton of teachers, professionals in education and journals who share many teaching-oriented stuff. So if you are a teacher who desperately needs new sources of inspiration for your class, Twitter can be a great tool!

As twitter allows people to write share and follow others extremely fast, it can be very efficient in a classroom. Indeed, as Samantha Miller writes, Twitter can be used for things like sharing notes with students, engaging parents in their children’s learning, give students latest news about upcoming assignments and due dates, following an important account for news on an event, etc. Moreover, teachers could use Twitter to create a news feed centered on the class. On this news feed the teacher could write all messages directed to students and be sure that all students would see really fast as they are much more inclined to checking their social networks than their school account.

In brief, Twitter is not only a contest of who gets the most followers but also an extremely useful website as their are always lots of people ready to share their best ideas. It can easily be used in class with students to get them to share and to share with them or outside the class to get innovative ideas to prepare your classes.

Here’s a great 60-second video about the basics of Twitter in Classrooms


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